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North Africa inc Canarias is where it al begun and is where it is all going to end; our soil is the future of this planet and the majority just can’t see it. Consider ALM as a counter reaction towards third parties who are aiming at the well-being of the indigenous North African-Canarias Amazigh people and their soil. As we speak many young Amazigh are drowning while trying to flee to Europe or the Canary Islands. Amazigh men, women, children they face a certain death on the sea to escape the unnecessary poverty related to politics of the Arabophone regimes in mainland North Africa. 

We want to make the world aware of these deaths because it is a form voluntarily suicide. No one does a damn thing about it, while these people die anonymously at sea their families continue living in sorrow and agony. We must stop the illegal migration to Europe, because even if a few of these people arrive in Europe they face a life in illegality, in fact they don’t exist in European society. Instead of suicide migration, we must create education, jobs, health and social security’s in mainland North Africa so the Amazigh can thrive for once. Not only does North Africa has to deal with unnecessary poverty, suicide migration, discrimination and denial, what about the failing protection regarding the volcanic eruption of La Palma and the potential danger of a megatsunami, the lack of protection for the Argantree, the one and only natural warrior against desertification and deforestation? What about the lack of brotherhood/sisterhood among our own people? 

What about the continuing international violations of our intellectual heritage? And at last but not the least, why does the world continues to portray the one and only indigenous people of North Africa inc Canarias as Arab or Spanish, why? Just because most of the Amazigh are converted and start practicing the Islam or Christianity does not turn them automatically in an Arab or Spanish person. We know why this happens, but we sit back and we let it happen. Why is the intonation of the word Amazigh heavily political while in fact it is solely our people’s name; carrying the word Berber is in fact a big misconception which has already past it’s false glory a long time ago. But we continue to use it and refer to ourselves as a barbarian? 

Yes, all of these questions and no answers. We are the only ones who can make a change for the better for our people and our soil, no one else will. Every year we are confronted with our calendar, the proof that our civilisation was and is an ancient and powerful one, but we consider it merely as an utopia instead of honouring the journey that our ancestors went through to accomplish such a civilisation in the first place. 


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