• Amazigh men, women, children
    face a certain death on the sea
  • Protect our heritage!
    Our civilisation was and is an ancient and powerful one
  • The Amazigh flag is waving
    From the Canary Islands through Morocco and all the way to Egypt!
  • Celebrating in 2022 Yennayer 2972
    While mourning the loss of numerous North African Amazigh youngsters
Amazigh Lives Matter

North Africa inc Canarias is where it al begun and is where it is all going to end; our soil is the future of this planet and the majority just can’t see it. Consider ALM as a counter reaction towards third parties who are aiming at the well-being of the indigenous North African-Canarias Amazigh people and their soil. As we speak many young Amazigh are drowning while trying to flee to Europe or the Canary Islands. Amazigh men, women, children they face a certain death on the sea to escape the unnecessary poverty related to politics of the Arabophone regimes in mainland North Africa.

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